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Technical Assistance for Recruitment of Future Blood Donors” Project aims to contribute to the establishment of an effective coordination between Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Education and Turkish Red Crescent and to increase the capacity of related parties to develop an attitude among students for voluntary blood donation. Within this project the overall objective is contribution to the improvement of community health by preventing problems in supplying safest blood.

This Project will be implemented in 81 provinces and 500 pilot schools nationwide for the duration of 2 years and has a budget of 2.385.000 Euros.

The main the main activities throughout the project are as follows;

Activity 1: Revising the existing curricula and textbooks at primary school and secondary school levels from first to twelfth grade (inclusive) and developing corresponding materials considering the importance of blood donation in line with implementation of EU Member States.

Activity 2: Developing capacity of MoH, MoNE and TRC human resources and raising awareness on voluntary & non- remunerated blood donor recruitment in line with implementation of EU Member States and providing training kits for related MoNE, MoH and TRC personnel.

Activity 3: Organizing 2 Blood Donor Education & Recruitment Campaigns in 500 pilot schools with Media & Public Relation Campaigns nationwide starting from the end of the first year after the project starts, taking into account the educational year.

Although the target groups of the project are defined as students, parents, school administrators and teachers, related staff of MoNE, MoH and TRC and related staff of Local Administrations, with regard to the results of Activity 1, the awareness of public on blood donation will be raised as well as the students of the pilot schools and their parents. 

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